A Year Of Sport Travel (Lonely Planet Book Review)

Keen sports fans Australia-wide who have spent many sleepless nights recently following Mark Webber in F1 Racing, Cadel Evans in the Tour de France and Australia vs England in the Ashes cricket series may be interested in getting their hands on the latest book from Lonely Planet: “A Year Of Sport Travel”

A Year Of Sport Travel (Lonely Planet Book Review)

The glossy coffee table style book profiles a series of events every month with a total of 171 different sports including many niche “less travelled” sports like the Alaskan Iditarod as inspiration for your next trip.

On behalf of fellow Sydneysiders I’m dismayed that A Year Of Sport Travel doesn’t include the worlds largest timed fun run, Sydney’s City 2 Surf, instead featuring San Francisco’s annual Bay to Breakers run ðŸ™?

However that aside some of the interesting highlights include:

Disclaimer: Thanks to Lonely Planet Melbourne for sending me this book to review. I’ve given it away to one of my blog guest writers Lucy James who wrote a great article recently Inside the Mind of a Marathon Runner

Lonely Planet’s A Year Of Sport Travel will be published in August 2009. Even if you can’t afford to visit these places in person to see the sporting events yourself it’s well worth buying the book so you can visit them vicariously by reading the story behind each event and looking at the related photos.

4 thoughts on “A Year Of Sport Travel (Lonely Planet Book Review)”

  1. Sounds like an interesting an eye-opening read. Thanks for the info – I’ll have to give it a look.

  2. The ‘toughest’ race featured in the video really does look like the toughest race on earth – crazy! there is also the marathon des sables in the sahara desert which is pretty tough as well – can’t be good for your health!

  3. Camel Wrestling, Pigeon Racing and Beer Can Regatta? This really must be some list to include such variety. As someone from the “Beehive State” I think they should have included the “Tour of Utah.” which is a bicycle race conducted in various stages that tours the large state of Utah, with all its various terrain.

  4. Great blog! Most people don’t even realize this but pigeon racing has been around for ages, I believe it dates back to like 209AD. The sport is very interesting, I mean as far as the training goes. I recommend to everyone interested in the sport to buy a couple pigeons at a local pigeon auction and begin racing! The most fun you’ll ever have!!

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