Crocodile Closeup With Jaws Open – Northern Territory Australia – Free Desktop Wallpaper

Download a free 1680×1050 resolution desktop wallpaper photo of Sunrise on top of a Crocodile closeup with its jaws open in the Northern Territory, Australia.

In mid-2007 I went on a holiday crossing Australia South to North from Adelaide to Darwin by road, along the way I visited a crocodile farm near Darwin where I got this great photo of a crocodile resting in the midday sun – it’s got its jaws open as a way of cooling down it’s body in the heat.

Download Instructions

  1. Click on the preview photo
  2. When the full size photo is displayed from the Picasa web album – click on Download at the top right side of the screen, then Download Photo

Crocodile Closeup with Jaws Open – Northern Territory, Australia
free 1680x1050 wallpaper Crocodile Closeup with Jaws Open - Northern Territory, Australia

  • Camera: Panasonic FZ30
  • Wallpaper format: JPG 979 Kb in size
  • Original Photo: JPG 3.07 MB in size
  • F stop: 5.0
  • Exposure time: 1/100th second
  • ISO: 100
  • Metering & Focusing: Multi-segment
  • Focal Length: 342mm
  • Original Resolution: 8 Megapixels (3264px x 2448px)
  • Optical Image Stabilisation: Turned On
  • Filter: Circular Polarising
  • Tripod Used: No

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9 thoughts on “Crocodile Closeup With Jaws Open – Northern Territory Australia – Free Desktop Wallpaper”

  1. Being from New Zealand we dont have these reptiles roaming around our waterways. But like snakes and spiders I am intrigued by them, but I dont want to come across them while hiking

  2. Were you that close to the crocodile or did you use a zoom lense? I don’t think I could handle being that close to one!

  3. It’s so different when I saw a crocodile from a local zoo, we were not allowed to get near them. This one looks close to being real, at a very close distance.

  4. I live in the deep south part of the States. Southwestern Mississippi to be specific. A few years back our gator population was practically at zero, but due to laws protecting them they have made a stong comeback. So much so that now they are becoming a problem in many areas-endangering small pets and children. Seems like we have more attacks each year. Something unforseen just a few years ago. Governments always have good intentions, but seldom do their programs work out. Politicans just mess things up most of the time. Your photos of the croc. are great. The detail is amazing. I used to be a shutter bug, but gave it up a number of years ago.

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