Deadly Injustice in the USA : Equal Justice Under Law?

With Australian television drowning in American crime and legal fiction, Washington-based correspondent Mark Simkin offers a reality check on the flaws in the American justice system that can lead to death row.

Broadcast: 03/07/2020
Reporter: Mark Simkin
Network: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Transcript begins: “Hello and welcome to Foreign Correspondent. I’m Mark Simkin outside the Supreme court in Washington. Since moving here I’ve covered my fair share of crazy court cases: the Micheal Jackson trial, the Paris Hilton saga, the case where a judge sued his dry cleaners for $64 million dollars because they lost his pants. But the biggest problem with American justice is the least discussed … the words ‘equal justice under law’ are etched on the court behind me but that notion is a myth. The rich get the best justice money can buy … but the poor … they tend to get executed

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4 thoughts on “Deadly Injustice in the USA : Equal Justice Under Law?”

  1. Thanks for a superb post on a very important subject. What you said about “equal justice under law” would be ironic if it wasn’t so true. The most crucial question about American law is usually the least talked about. It’s obvious to say that lives are being lost, and debatable whether they should be … but Voltaire quotes are still relevant here. Until we can prove that human judgment is error proof, we can’t be killing people. And even still, is it the job of a civilized country to kill its own citizens?

    Studies have confirmed what you pointed out for more than a decade: people with a public defender are people who get the death penalty, while people who can afford their own lawyer don’t. OJ Simpson is easily recognized proof that justice is for sale like anything else. And I’m just not comfortable with the ethics of life and death being decided over how much money ( and hence access to law ) you have.

  2. This is an issue most will not discuss, but it is very important. We are not profiling by saying the rich can afford better attorneys and experts. This can be collaborated by evidence. Maybe the public defender’s office deserves a little more funding, and then maybe they could get the same experts.

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