Fly Virgin Blue & Get 5% of Flight Cost Rebated

Whenever I book flights within Australia & NZ I always do it on Virgin Blue because I know how to get 5% of my flight cost* rebated as credit on my Virgin Mobile account and besides that Qantas is expensive with poor service and Jetstar is cheap and nasty with less legroom.

Everyone knows that Virgin Blue gives Aussies great prices and good service on flights all around Australia, NZ and the South Pacific.


However few people know that if you’re a Virgin Mobile customer as well you get even more with a 5% bonus mobile phone credit on the cost of tickets paid by yourself for you and up to 3 other people!

How to Get the Rebate

  1. Login to your Virgin Mobile account at using your Mobile phone number and 6 digit PIN.
  2. Click on “Virgin Blue” under the “Virgin Perks” menu on the left hand side
  3. Click on the “book now” button
  4. Find the flights you want to book and pay for them online

virgin blue plane

That’s it! When you book and pay for your Virgin Blue flight online you’ll get 5% of the ticketed internet fare credited back to your Virgin Mobile account ?

*Understandably Some Conditions Apply

  • You must enter your Virgin Mobile number in the “contact information” window to get the 5% credit
  • Your credit could take up to 2 months to be applied
  • The 5% is worked out on the base Internet fare before GST and other airport taxes
  • The mobile phone credit is worked out on the base internet fare before GST and all the airport taxes. Bookings allow a max of 4 adult passengers.
  • Standard Virgin Blue Terms and Conditions apply. This offer is valid only for Virgin Mobile customers and not available in conjunction with any other offer.

For example a family of 4 (2 parents and 2 adult children) might want to book return flights from Sydney to Darwin for a holiday in the middle of the year in the dry season:

  • Total Flights Cost = $2860
  • Total Cost – (GST & Tax) = $2032.72
  • Mobile Phone Credit Rebated: $2032.72 x .05 = $101.64

3 thoughts on “Fly Virgin Blue & Get 5% of Flight Cost Rebated”

  1. Thanks for mentioning this, it sounds like a good deal for travelling within Australia (no plans to go to NZ at the moment… In fact, I’m typing this while I’m on vacation abroad…)

  2. that is funny that Ruby is writing her comment on vacation because I am as well. Australia is on my top five places to visit so I will for sure put this information to use. Thanks and do you have any suggestions on where I should focus my time when I go there. I don’t like to be in big cities if that helps

    EDITOR: That’s just like me, my idea of a great holiday is to be far away from cities and mobile phone reception.

    Stick around and read this blog for the next few months if you want holiday ideas in Australia because I’ll be reporting back on my one month road trip crossing the continent from North to South Adelaide to Darwin

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