Highlights Photos – South Island, New Zealand trip (2004)

When this article is published I’ll be partway through my 2nd trip to New Zealand’s South Island. My first trip was in late 2004 and I used my first Digital camera to take quite a few good photos including some of the photos shown in the slideshows below:

New Zealand – Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers

New Zealand – Flora

New Zealand – Water

New Zealand – Landscape

New Zealand – Wildlife

5 thoughts on “Highlights Photos – South Island, New Zealand trip (2004)”

  1. These are stunningly taken pictures. You have captured New Zealand beautifully. ? The Glacier pics require a special mention.

  2. very beautiful pictures…New Zealand is a wonderful place. The glaciers amaze me, but the picture of the lone penguin by the seashore is really cute. You have a talent! Keep it up.

  3. You are obviously a nature-lover, aren’t you? Which makes an easier subject in photography: nature or people? Personally, if I were a talented photographer like you, I would be capturing more of nature.

    EDITOR: I like to photograph Nature/Landscapes – comparing nature and people photography neither is easier, both have their challenges

  4. Can’t believe I lived in nz for two years and never made it to the south isalnd. From what I remember though, most kiwis share this same misfortune!! If you lived there, suuuuuuuurely you’d want to visit such a beautiful place? oh well a good excuse for me to go back one day…cool images btw : )

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