My version of Stephen Colberts On Notice Board

Fans of the popular American satirist Steven Colbert might be interested to know you can now generate your own 8 line “On Notice Board” like the one I’ve created below.

If you’re wondering who Steven Colbert is and why he has an “On Notice board”, he has a TV show on Comedy Central called The Colbert Report. Basically The Colbert Report is to personality-driven pundit shows what The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is to evening news.


The show is a mock (and very satirical) kind of public affairs show, making fun of right-wing nutjob shows like The O’Reilly Factor. He often rants against something or some one and then “puts them on notice”.

These are the people who I’ve put “On Notice” ? :

On Notice

7 thoughts on “My version of Stephen Colberts On Notice Board”

  1. Hey There Mate,

    Am Don,

    Was up burning the late night oil, when I came across your sites. Must say, I really dig the fact that you have put my favourite newspaper writers on notice….hahaha

    I launch a new refresh of my existing wordpress blog, on the 16th of June, if not earlier, and I too lookforward to putting the above mentioned characters on notice.

    EDITOR: You’re setting a pretty low standard to aim at Don. I find it hard to see how you could you be any dodgier than our current press.

  2. I’m glad to see The Colbert Report is available in Australia! I’ve been watching his show since it started in October 2005. It’s amazing the impact he has had on pop culture in such a short time.

  3. I second the bears. I have to say that this is a great show and that you have brought this up is good enough for me to believe that this is a great site. Please do posts like this more often. It has made me laugh.

  4. Colbert is a funny guy. I love it when he brings liberal types on and then plays the ‘bad cop’ role with them. It’s great stuff. As for me…I’d like to put all local news stations everywhere on notice. I hope they don’t really think that’s journalism.

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