Nugget Point – Catlins area South Island New Zealand

From: Lake Tekapo
To: Nugget Point, Catlins

Via: State highways 8, 83, 1, Scenic Southern Route

NZ sea lionThe drive to the Catlins was long & uneventful, Mount Cook was obscured by low lying cloud so didn’t detour there. Saw several fur seals lazing about on the rocks from Nugget point lighthouse and 2 yellow eyed penguins at Roaring Bay.

On the drive home had the luck to see a sealion came up on the sandy roadside from an adjoining beach, and then decide to charge the assembled photographers from the 3 cars that had stopped to see it, sending them scrambling for safety!

View photos of kea’s, sealion’s, yellow-eyed penguins, fur seals, and native pigeons taken at Nugget Point and the rest of South Island

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