Petrol Station in Slowly Dying Outback Australia Town

GUEST ARTICLE: When travelling through outback Queensland I always try to take the time to turn of the highway into the small towns that dot the country side.

These days the roads no longer go through these towns which are slowly dying as people travel past them on highways at 110kph.

Outback Australia Petrol Station

The photo above is from a town called Wyandra.

Pulling off the main road into this town where there were literally emu’s walking on the main street, I spent nearly an hour taking photos in and around the town.

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This photo I felt not only captured the outback, but the way that life is conducted. These days the Pub is often the only shop left working, becoming the corner shop, the post office and in this case the petrol station.

I saw all three people wandering around the town and yet could here a community of activity inside the hotel.

My only regret was not having enough time to stop for a beer, to sit and listen to the locals and the towns living history.

This guest article has been written by my friend Wolf Cocklin (@wolfcat on Twitter). Wolf is interested in photography, mobile, GPS, tech stuff and what the future holds in all of these

If you’ve travelled somewhere off the beaten track, can write well and have good quality photos I encourage you to contact me and I’ll consider publishing your travel diary here including generous attribution and links back to your website as thanks for your contribution

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