Review: Melbourne Skybus Free Vodafone Wifi Tullamarine & Avalon Airport


Sydney Kingsford Smith airport has train stations at it’s domestic and international terminals but the trains don’t have wifi, Melbourne’s Tullamarine and Avalon airports have the private WiFi equipped Skybus service to get you to the city.


When you get on board the Skybus service there are prominent signs on the bus windows saying:

“Free WiFi powered by Vodafone. Just select the Skybus Free Wi-Fi”

When you choose the access point your phone will popup with a login screen stating you’re limited to 50 megabytes per day.

I’ve taken a screenshot of the terms and conditions for those of you interested.

Once you agree, you have to fill in a short survey and then press Connect.

I’ve used free bus wifi before so I wasn’t surprised that the service was quite slow.

Especially considering that the bus was full so over 50 people could have been using the free WiFi, potentially more than one device each.

This doesn’t reflect badly on Vodafone, a shared Telstra or Optus hotspot would also have struggled. The only real solution would be to have more than one hotspot on the bus.

skybus-free-wifi3 (5)

The 50mb data lasted about 20min before I had to switch to my own data.

My 50min bus journey is about to finish so I’ll sign off.

The Skybus terminal is located at Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station. It’s where all Skybuses end their journeys to/from the Melbourne CBD.

Melbourne Southern Cross Train Station

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