Shotover Canyon Swing Creative Jumping Off a Cliff – Queenstown New Zealand (Review)

Queenstown is well known as the home of adventure and thrill seeking activities in the Asia Pacific region and Shotover Canyon Swing is one of the highlights.

I was in New Zealand earlier this year on a photo/video shoot expedition for Tourism New Zealand and had a spare day at the end so Destination Queenstown arranged three adventurous activities for me to review.

Shotover Canyon Swing - Neerav Bhatt

The first activity was Shotover Canyon Swing (As seen on Channel 9’s Footy Show and Getaway) which involves choosing a jump style and swinging down Shotover canyon from a clifftop platform 109 metres above the river below.

Neerav Bhatt Backwards Jump Shotover Canyon Swing – Queenstown, New Zealand South Island

It’s a great choice for people who want to experience a safe but still exhilarating NZ jumping experience for less money than skydiving and more creative jumping possibilities than a bungee which just drops straight down.

The cost of one go at Shotover Canyon Swing is $NZ 199 ($AUD 162 at time of writing). Spectators can be brought along on the bus for $NZ 20 each if you want to show off your daring jumps to friends or family.

As the shuttle bus left the Shotover Street pickup point on the way to the jump platform I could feel my heart beat accelerate and adrenalin start to flow.

Given the choice of over 10 suggested jumping styles of varying scariness I opted for a backwards solo jump which is rated 5/5 for scariness. Jumping backwards is also better because the Canyon Swing camera can take a photo of your face as you plummet down ?

I tried an extra jump (these cost $NZ 39 extra each) with Gavin, a backpacker from Britain who was willing to try out Shotover Canyon Swing’s new Tandem jump style which worked well as we timed the jump perfectly.

If you want to do a tandem jump with a friend/family member I’d strongly recommend you both do your own individual jumps in different styles first for the sense of achievement and then the tandem when you know the other person has the confidence to jump. Note because you’re harnessed together the Tandem style is only available in forwards position.

If you don’t have friends/family members taking photos of your jump from the spectator area you can buy a record of your experience: $NZ 70 for a DVD video, digital photos and 1 printed photo. $NZ 90 for a DVD video, digital photos and 2 printed photos. Tshirts, hoodies and caps also available.

I strongly recommend that you don’t eat a big meal within 2 hours before your jump for obvious reasons. Also make sure you use the mens/ladies toilets at the carpark before walking to the jump platform to avoid the chance of an “accident” caused by your reaction to the jump.

5 thoughts on “Shotover Canyon Swing Creative Jumping Off a Cliff – Queenstown New Zealand (Review)”

  1. Hi. I work with the Barmy Army and saw your post. That looks amazing!! I don’t think i could do it backwards though.

  2. Hey! that’s cool! I think for beginners they should try forward position. Our safety relies on these gears. I wonder if these are safe enough to use. And yes – Do not eat before the “jump” haha You know what that means fellow:0)

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