Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks Photos

The Sydney Harbour YHA rooftop balcony provided me with the best vantage point I’ve had for Sydney’s New Years Eve Fireworks shows at 9pm and Midnight including a panoramic view of Circular Quay, the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge

A handful of my photos are displayed below, along with a bigger slideshow selection of some of the better fireworks photos. Read my Tips To Take Best Fireworks Photos: Location, Camera Equipment and Settings if you want to improve your photos.

The photos were taken by me with a Canon 500D digital SLR using a 15-85 EFS USM lense kept steady by a Velbon Sherpa 750R tripod.

sydney harbour yha nye

sydney harbour yha new years eve rooftop

2009 nye fireworks sydney harbour yha 3

2009 nye fireworks sydney harbour yha 2

2009 nye fireworks sydney harbour yha

Photo Slideshow – Sydney Fireworks Midnight New Years Eve 2009

Disclosure: The camera and tripod were on media loan to me so I could review them. YHA Sydney Harbour gave me accommodation for the night of NYE in exchange for being able to use my photos in their marketing materials.

13 thoughts on “Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks Photos”

  1. How good does Sydney look hey!

    Stunning photos, my US friends will love them.

    Ill send the links to your blog now.

  2. isn’t it just waste of money… they have spend so many dollars in it.. they can spend it by helping some poor people in Somalia or Pakistan or any third world country.. that would be a noble way to celebrate new year..

  3. Oh, now I want to be here for New Year’s some day. This looks fabulous. Great shots. And this destination is now on my “bucket list.”

  4. Thats really amazing pictures, I wish to be there on that night! its really stunning to see the beauty of the night. it reminds me of the sydney olympics…

  5. Awesome. I am not from Australia. I enjoyed the firework on television and the video submitted here. All the pictures are excellent.

  6. Hello. I was in sydney for new year and it was an awesome night!! We were on the north side of teh harbour and the view was spectacular!! Beeen travvelling ozzy for 6 months it was a sad end to our trip

  7. Wasting money? no! If there were no fireworks, there were no tourists. No tourists means no money for jobs.

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