Tokai 7 inch LCMDX-2227MUC Portable DVD DIVX Player Review

I recently bought the Tokai 7″ inch LCMDX-2227MUC Portable DVD & DIVX Player to use with my new Plane Quiet NC-7 Noise Cancelling Headphones to watch DVD’s and MPEG4/DIVX files while travelling to and from work in Sydney on the train.

tokai LCMDX-2227MUC portable DVD DIVX player


Pre-Purchase Research

  • I first considering purchasing an MP3/Video player like the Creative ZEN Vision W but it costs too much ($400+) and only has a 4.3″ inch screen
  • After that I checked a lot of different electrical retailers like JB Hi FI, DSE and Strathfield Electronics only to find that they didn’t sell any portable DVD & DIVX/MPEG4 players for less than $200-$300.
  • Eventually I ordered the Tokai 7″ inch LCMDX-2227MUC from Overstock Outlet ( for $147.45 delivered because it was well within my price range, played DIVX, could run off batteries and had several bonus features outlined below.

General Features

  • Plays from DVD (+,-, R, RW) & CD (R, RW)/SD card/MMC card/Memory Stick/USB Drive
  • File formats: DVD, MPEG, MPEG2, MPEG4, DIVX, XVID, MP3, JPEG, VCD, SVCD, AVI
  • Basic buttons on player + Full function remote control
  • Net Weight: 660 grams
  • Other Information: input 100-240V, output 12V 1.2A
  • Anti-shock memory
  • Has a stand on the back so you can watch it while it’s on a table.
  • Includes paper manual
  • Battery life: 2.5 hrs (with 6xAA 2000mAH)


  • Screen: 16:9 Widescreen format 7″ inch TFT LCD
  • Default 16:9 playback, can switch to 4:3 using remote
  • Composite AV output & input 3.5mm
  • Plays NSTC and PAL
  • Zoom function + Fastforward (2x, 4x, 8x, 20x)
  • Can resume playing DVD’s from where they were last stopped playing
  • Image adjustment (Contrast/Brightness/Colour/Vertical Flip display)



  • Built-in 2 Channel stereo speakers (2 x 1W)
  • Built-in Stereo Earphone jack
  • Basic cheap earphones included

DVD Zone Unlocking

By default the LCMDX-2227MUC was locked to DVD Zone 4. Following the instructions below will unlock it to play any Zone DVD.

  1. Turn it on (without disc, camera card, or USB drive plugged in)
  2. Using the remote control type the figures: 6 7 6 5 0
  3. A menu will be display, choose AREA CODES
  4. Select 0 for Multizone.
  5. Turn it off.
  6. Turn it on, it can now play any Zone DVD


  • It says DIVX3 is supported, but I couldnt get any files encoded with DIVX3 to play
  • Doesn’t play high resolution DIVX files eg: DivX 5 1280×544
  • If you’re playing off a DVD or CD than the player must be closed. You can only play files from a Camera card or USB Drive with the lid open.
  • If you want to watch it on the train, bus etc you need to buy a case from somewhere
  • Note to be able to use it for portable playback I had to buy 6x AA NIMH batteries from Jaycar (Pack of 4 for $19.50 (CAT #SB1738) and 2 singles for $5.95 each (CAT #SB1744) = $31.40 total). The manual says to use 2000mAH AA’s but I bought 2500mAH batteries instead to get 25% more playback time and they work fine. You can recharge them using your own NIMH battery recharger or by putting them in the player and plugging it into mains power (16 hrs for 2000mAH or 20hrs for 2500mAH).


tokai LCMDX-2227MUC box

tokai LCMDX-2227MUC accessories

tokai LCMDX-2227MUC left side view

tokai LCMDX-2227MUC right side view

9 thoughts on “Tokai 7 inch LCMDX-2227MUC Portable DVD DIVX Player Review”

  1. Hi Neerav, thanks for the region unlocking sequence. It’s great! How did you manage to get hold of it?! The hint about playing the USB drive with the cover open was good – I wasn’t aware of it.

    I don’t have a problem with the case – I throw it into my Targus backpack (with a special cushioned compartment for notebook.

    Just bought a 7″ screen protector for it. That should go on today. I was using the original protector that came with it – but it scratches easily.

    I write all my MPG, AVI files into DVD-RW discs and watch ’em. Don’t bother with buying memory cards – too expensive. I got a stack of 10 for only $23 so it makes sense.

    My onliest grouse about it is that it does NOT resume playing after you switch off the unit, or switch off using the remote. It will only resume if you stop play. Correct me if I am wrong with your unit. To save battery and chances are I can’t finish a movie in one train ride, I have to switch off the unit. Replaying again from the start and seeking the resume point is a real hassle. Is there any hack for this at all?

    Seems like a no-brainer but the feature’s just not there. Otherwise, this unit is God-sent! cL

    I got the unlock sequence from a French site because Tokai is a French brand.

    Where did you get the 7″ screen protector from?

    I already have lots of SD cards from my camera so I just use them, its quieter playing back and uses less battery life.

    Its true that it only resumes if you press stop on a DVD and there’s no resume on DIVX files at all. However all you need to use is the 20X fast forward in conjunction with the OSD to show you when to stop.

  2. Thanks for this product review!
    I used to watch my dvds on a laptop – but this portable player is more easily packed and unpacked (and definitely weighs less!).

  3. Neerav, sorry I didn’t answer your question. The 7″ screen protector screens can be bought off ebay – just ensure that the dimensions are correct. Putting them on is not as easy as it looks. Make sure to do it in a very clean environment and use a damp cloth & credit card to put it on. All the best! cL

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the review. I also bought this at a few months ago and I was pretty happy with it, but the region code tip made me even happier. I don’t have the problem of having to have the case open when playing from a USB or SD card.

    I do have a couple of problems:
    1) The response of the player to DVD-R’s is mixed – sometimes it plays OK, sometimes it says DISC ERR after it attempts to load the disc
    2) It doesn’t like external hard-drives attached via USB – it can read the file list (after waiting a really long time), but after that, it doesn’t respond to either the player buttons or the remote control buttons

    Is there any way to contact the manufacturer to get a fix?


    EDITOR: Hi Anna

    I tried contacting the French manufacturer’s Tokai a few months ago to ask if there was any new firmware. They did not reply ðŸ™?

    I’ve played files from DVD, DVD-R, DVD+RW and a 4GB USB drive with no problems

    Perhaps the DVD-R’s you tried were badly burnt? Also as I noted in the article it can’t play DIVX 3 files.

  5. I asked to the manufacturer’s tokai two weeks ago and the response was “no firmware update for the moment…. ” Email adress of tokai technical support :

    EDITOR: Thanks for the confirmation. From what I can tell the current firmware is from 2005 so there is little chance of an update ever

  6. As an update, I got the Plane Quiet in-ear plugs and they are even better than the Noise Cancelling Headphones. It blocks out 90% and you are able to listen with the normal volume. Just don’t use it when walking on the road. You can’t hear a car coming at you.

    Just to let you know, my support from was excellent. My Tokai was faulty and they did the warranty support and had it repaired for me. Thanks, Oo!

    It’s still my fav DVD player. cL

    EDITOR: thanks for that info Chris

    Those in ear headphones look like a bargain, glad to hear you like them. Unfortunately I find all in ear headphones uncomfortable so I buy the over ear ones instead.

    I’m impressed with as well. i needed a new power supply for the Tokai, all they needed was my order number on the receipt and they posted me a new power supply at no cost.

  7. hier j’ai recu mon lecteur DVD tokai il lit les divx les dvd les mp3 mais les jpeg ne s’affichent pas

    EDITOR: roughly translates from French->English as “Yesterday I received my DVD player it plays tokai the divx, dvd, mp3, but jpeg not displayed”

  8. thanksThanks for the review. I also bought this at a few months ago and I was pretty happy with it, but the region code tip made me even happier. I don’t have the problem of having to have the case open when playing from a USB or SD card.

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