Use Skype to Call and Communicate with Friends/Family For Free


GUEST ARTICLE: Skype has gone from being a novelty when it launched 6 years ago to being really essential for me.

I’m now half-way round the planet from friends in the UK and want to catch up. I also need a visual connection with family and people who have questions about work.

And the things I still can’t quite believe:

  • Skype is free – No phone bill. If I’d made these calls using a Telstra landline phone it would have cost lots of money
  • It’s available from where ever I happen to log on to the internet
  • It’s useful for chat, voice calls and conference calls

And I have the choice to put the “I’m busy, not answering” sign on so it’s not intrusive (all the while still being able to see who is online)

I use Skype in a variety of ways – if people have work/how to questions, I ask them to use Skype Chat instant messaging. It’s a very quick and efficient way to communicate without cluttering up my email

If they want a coaching/work session, I video skype and if they are not online, I leave a message, for when they do log on. Easy.

Even my folks (who view all things interweb and computerish with great suspicion) use Skype to call. The nice thing for me is that I know it’s not costing them a penny, and I can see them and how they are doing. Nice

This travel gear article has been written by Heidi Allen

Heidi has over 15 years experience in the publishing, health and education industries, working internationally in England and Australia. She presents on social media marketing and strategy and is also part of the team at, a medical search directory launched in Australia. She can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.

4 thoughts on “Use Skype to Call and Communicate with Friends/Family For Free”

  1. Skype is really good for people who want chat with audio and it is also for video chatting

    thanks for the article

  2. I agree with you all. I have very good experiences of using skype. Its very cost effective for people who are communicating to each other from long distance.

  3. Skype is an even better idea now you can get it on your iPhone as it means you can access pretty much anywhere and not have to take your laptop with you.

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