Which Road Less Travelled Articles Are Your Favourites?

Articles on the Road Less Travelled website cover several different topics around the idea of Travel Tales, Reviews and Photos from places around the world off the beaten track.

You may have noticed that I display very few ads on this site, just enough to pay for its web hosting fees and the time I spend on it.

This is because I want www.roadlesstravelled.com.au to become a useful resource for the internet community of people who like to take the road less travelled and are travellers not tourists.

To that end I’d like to find out which type of article YOU like best so I can publish more of them here in the future

Trips to Places Around the World Off the Beaten Track

I have a small travel budget for the next year or 2 so my Road Less Travelled articles are likely to be about interesting places that I’ve visited in Australia and New Zealand.

Laguna Chaxa - Part of Salar de Atacama

If you’d like to read stories about other countries please ask your friends/family who go on backpacking/trekking holidays to submit their stories as guest travel writer articles like my new friend and frequent Road Less Travelled guest writer Rob Gower has been doing recently.

Featured Photos & Photography Tips

As a change of pace I sometimes write articles with Digital Photography tips or featuring great photos of landscapes, birds and animals taken by myself and my friends – do you like these kinds of articles?

Also I encourage you to email me links to your travel photo galleries online eg: Flickr, Picasa and if I think one of the photos is good enough it could be the next featured photo.

Rainbow Lorikeet Closeup - feeding on Bottlebrush

Travel Gear/Equipment

I haven’t written much about Travel Gear/Equipment, what to take on backpacking, budget or trekking holidays but I have plenty of ideas if that’s the kind of article you like to read and would find useful.

Travel Towel

Space: The Final Frontier

As all Star Trek fans know, Space is humanities final frontier. Would you enjoy reading space/astronomy articles exploring our galaxy and beyond eg: NASA missions like Voyager?

Variable star V838 Monocerotis
“Variable star V838 Monocerotis”
credit: Hubble (NASA/ESA)

Please add a blog comment or email me to indicate which of the 4 types of articles you’d like to read on this website in the future:

  1. Trips to Places Around the World Off the Beaten Track
  2. Featured Photos & Photography Tips
  3. Travel Gear/Equipment
  4. Space: The Final Frontier

7 thoughts on “Which Road Less Travelled Articles Are Your Favourites?”

  1. Hi Neerav,

    To respond to which articles I would like to see in the future, well to be honest I enjoy reading all of your articles and posts. If I had to choose what topic I enjoy most it would be “Trips to Places Around the World Off the Beaten Track” Like I have said before, I just love your photography of these exotic places. Keep up the GREAT work!

    Please forgive me if this is not the right place to post this. Take care always.

  2. I linke photos of landscapes, prefer a natural scenery, plants and animals!
    First came here, I hope to see you more brilliant content!

  3. I am very interested in reading space/astronomy articles exploring our galaxy and beyond.Hope to see those kind of posts in your blog.

  4. Travel gear/equipment would definitely be useful. For example, I could really have made use of a tailored “survival kit” for the trans-Mongolian and trans-Siberian railway. Fortunately I had two short legs, followed by one three-day leg so I had worked out most of the things I needed for the three-day leg. The one thing I failed to take was enough reading material!

  5. Really after reading your post all these topics are awesome. We are partial of course to off-beaten places, so anything you can post on locales that are away from the tourist scene will be greatly appreciated. At the same time, we have just gotten into astronomy “again,” so any and all articles to do with “places” that make great astronomy lookouts around the world would be cool.

  6. I really like this blog. I have done a considerable amount of international travel and can report on some of the most interesting and beautiful destinations. For articles on this blog, I would like to see more off the beaten path interests. For example, the famous “Fern Grotto” is hidden only a mile from Ocho Rios and most visitors don’t know it is there.

    — Brian

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